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I’ve been keeping secrets

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

I couldn’t think of a good opening here. So I’ll just get to the point:

  • I drank alcohol every night for 10 years
  • I was fired from three jobs within a 6 year span
  • I was 40 pounds overweight and pre-diabetic

Thankfully, with the support of my wife and a strong belief that my best days were still ahead of me, things have changed.

  • I stopped drinking alcohol in 2015
  • I’m the managing director of an agency and a paid content creator
  • I recently ran 1 mile, did 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats and ran another mile, all while wearing a 20lb vest

So, where was the turning point? How did I pivot?

I’ve shared a lot with you in the past, but it’s time to go deeper.

Because I know learning from your mistakes makes them a thing of the past.

They won’t distract from being present in the current moment – or continue to plague you in the future.

That’s why I’m telling my full story, for the first time, in a documentary produced by Convertkit.

And let me be clear: This isn’t comfortable for me.

The majority of my friends and family will be shocked at what I’ve revealed.

My children will eventually discover a dark side of their father they’ve never witnessed.

And fortunately, they never will.

Because learning from your mistakes makes them a thing of the past.

So I invite you to learn more about my journey by watching this brief documentary.

My hope is that it will give you the motivation to push through obstacles, take on new challenges and feel more confident in sharing your unique experiences as well.

I appreciate the support you've provided along the way and look forward to supporting you as you continue your journey as well.

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Terry Rice

I provide actionable ideas and frameworks to help you grow your business, overcome setbacks and perform at your highest level. I'm a staff writer at Entrepreneur magazine, business development consultant, fitness enthusiast and father of four.

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